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Daily Field Reports — shift liability and minimize litigation

Just want to talk briefly cover a topic that is very important in mostly all construction projects, but very often overlooked — daily field reports. In medium to large projects, I highly recommended that you create and keep daily field reports.  A well-drafted daily field report is your best ally when confronted with possible litigation, [..]

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Construction Contract provisions — “Pay-if-paid” clauses v. “Pay-when-paid” clauses

For those of you construction professionals that insist and take pride in taking an “all-inclusive” interest in your company; I applaud you. You should take pride in what you do, your work, your clients and developing those relationships. It is, after all, your business. It is, after all, how you pay your bills and provide [..]

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Starting your own business? — Great! Before you do, though, take a look at this. (Part 1 of 2)

Business Entities in Virginia How to choose the right one for you and what to do before you open your business Part 1 of 2 4 Primary Forms of Business Entities in Virginia: Sole Proprietorship; Partnership; Limited Liability Company; and, Corporation Things to consider when choosing: Structure of ownership (number of owners, classes, possible expansion); [..]

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