Bar Admission/Ethics

Candor is the quintessential principle that will determine whether you get to practice law.  The Character and Fitness divisions of each and every Board of Bar Examiners spends countless hours dissecting your application to find any violations of this quintessential principle.

Failing to satisfy this principle to their satisfaction, causes significant problems and needless aggravation.  We are barred in three jurisdictions and experienced three unique perspectives in getting admitted in these jurisdictions.  We use these perspectives to help you navigate the process and help you get admitted the state bars of Virginia, Florida and Louisiana.  After all, you successfully completed a 4-year college; a 3-year law school; and successfully satisfied the general examination requirements.  Don’t fall short now; you’ve invested too much tome and money.

Our representation will cover the pre and post application process.

Pre-Application Process —

The Pre-application process will include a review the application thoroughly to ensure accuracy and consistency throughout.  You’d be surprised how many inconsistencies you can find in a 25+ page bar application.

Post Application Process —

If you have already filed your application, we provide suggestions regarding what Amendments should be filed, and when, to help the Board better understand your application and help clarify and issues before they raise a red flag before the Board.  If you are at the stage where your respective Board has already contacted you, we can help you understand their request, and with our unique insight, assist you in providing them with what they are really looking for.

Finally, we will represent you at any hearing before your respective Board and help you throughout your rehabilitation period.  In short, complete and comprehensive representation.  And while we represent currently barred lawyers with ethical issues, our practice is dedicated to help you, the applicant, navigate through the bar admission process in Florida, Louisiana and Virginia.