Business Services

It’s important to have an attorney that understands all aspects of running a business, and the legal ramifications that are attached. Having an attorney when you need one at any time can give you peace of mind during any circumstance. As a business owner, an attorney can make the difference. AEGómez, PC has extensive experience in this area, including:

Contract formation and negotiation

When operating in business, having contracts to solidify the terms is key. We draft, review and negotiate contracts on your behalf to make sure your interests are protected.

Business formation and licensing

Knowing which entity will fit your needs is important. We walk you through the differences and help you figure out which business situation will be best, and help you with your paperwork for licensing.

Business litigation

There are times when you may have disagreements or claims against your company. We work on your behalf to keep your rights at the forefront.

General Counsel Services

We provide general counsel services for any legal matters you may have, business or personal. There are times when one may overlap into the other. We keep you in compliance and protect your best interests. This is a great way for a medium to small business to obtain high-end, sophisticated legal representation for excellent value.

Review a contract proposed by a business partner

Although it may be great to have a business partner, keeping things business should always be a priority. We review and recommend the best solutions for moving forward.

Draft standard contracts or leases

We draft any and all business related contracts and leases to make sure your interests are taken care of.

Attend board meetings

We are able to attend board meetings to keep you abreast of any situations that may be a conflict of interest, or accompany you to provide counsel for important matters.

Questions about employment matters

As your business grows, hiring employees is the next step. We provide counsel on the right questions to ask during an interview, what you can and cannot require, how to conduct background checks, drafting employee documents and manuals, and more.

Grant equity and maintaining capitalization records

AEGómez, PC has extensive experience in determining grant equity and maintaining capitalization records to ensure your compliance with the law, and in having the correct documentation for investors or other partnerships.

Discuss compliance issues surrounding new business proposals

When new business proposals are drafted or received, understanding all associated compliance issues is key. We counsel you on every aspect of the process, from draft to completion to make sure all areas are covered.

Let AEGómez, PC represent your business interests the right way. For a consultation, contact the office today!