Construction Law

We provide extensive services in Construction Law, working with parties on all levels of the construction industry. We represent clients on both public and private projects, keeping you abreast of all regulation and laws.

Contract Negotiation

We negotiate contracts in design and construction to protect client interests. We work overtime in meeting the needs of our clients, effectively litigating our stance when needed throughout any contractual disputes.

Analysis and formation

We have indepth knowledge of contract formation and analysis, taking into account all parties involved, the project, laws, anticipated outcome, timelines and other factors that can be litigious. We are able to handle modifications and personalized contracts that will work on your behalf.

Overall Project Management

We are diverse enough to handle project management in all areas, handling every aspect of dealing with designers, planners, millworkers and other entities to ensure the project is properly managed. This takes a high level of skill and expertise. We make sure your interests are always at the forefront to keep your brand intact.

HR/Employee relations

HR and employee relations can become complicated on a construction site. There are many workers and entities on projects that must all work together. Every element must be carefully outlined, and all laws and regulations in compliance. We work to educate our clients on these issues to make sure every base is covered – from general employees to subcontractors.

Mechanics’ Lien management/MLA Services

Navigating the laws surrounding mechanics’ liens can be detailed and confusing. We make sure you are abreast of all legalities and understand how the process works. We are able to keep track of any liens you may hold, and can assist in their recording. Statutes for mechanics’ liens vary depending on the state, so having an astute background in this area is important to protect you from liability and risk.

Construction Defect Litigation

There may be instances where you will have to defend your rights as a contractor or file claims against a company due to defects in construction. We will represent your interests to make sure the outcomes are fair, working toward a favorable resolution that results in your favor.

Remediation Oversight and Management

We have extensive experience in remediation oversight and management. Alex Gomez Law goes the extra mile in ensuring complete oversight and management that will keep your company away from further liability or risk.

Having an attorney who understands the intricacies of construction law can work in your favor. Don’t leave your company liable. This is a very complicated industry which requires an innate knowledge of every area. Alex can help you today!