First Party Insurance Claims

What do you do if your home sustains a loss?  Do you know who do you call?  Do you know what actions to you take/or not take? What do you look for?  How do you know you’re doing the correct moves?   These are questions you insurance company, and their lawyers, will be looking into closely — so should you.

You pay your premiums — on time. Now you have a claim, we’ll make sure you get your claim paid without run around.

If you make the claim, and don’t use the proper verbiage, your claim can get denied. What then?  Do you give up?  Of course not.

All these are legitimate questions you need to address at a time when you may not be ready. What’s important is that we can. We can help you navigate through the claim process and, if necessary, the ensuing litigation.  We can help you file the claim, address issues before they come to light, and put your case is the best light possible to ensure you obtain the highest settlement value. We’ll even suggest whether to hire and expert to help prove your claim.  In litigation, this can mean the difference whether your case survives the insurance company’s attacks.

If litigation is necessary, we have the experience to handle the insurance company’s attorneys. We’ll prepare you for what’s to come; whether that’s a deposition, mediation, appraisal, and/or trial. Whatever it is, we can tell you what to expect, and provide you with a fair and honest assessment of your claim.

Insurance companies are notorious for collecting insurance premiums and, let’s say politely, not so amenable to pay out claims. We’ll make sure they do.

Even if you don’t have an existing claim, we’ll review your policy to provide you with a candid assessment, alert you of what to expect, and what changes you need to make sure you get what you expect — your claim paid.

If you have any questions on the above, or simply want to schedule a time to go over your policy, contact Alex today

We’ll get your claim paid without run around.