Real Estate

real-estate-attorney-wytheville-aegomezReal estate law can be difficult to interpret, as the rules and regulations change depending on whether you are dealing with commercial or residential real estate. There are many instances of fraud and illegal tampering in real estates, so having adequate counsel on your side when drafting and reviewing documents is key. You need someone that is diverse enough to understand intricate issues, and flexible enough to step in and make things happen. We provide comprehensive counsel and solutions that will help represent you in a number of areas:

Deed Preparation

We prepare and file deeds to make sure everything is done correctly and filed with the proper authoritative agency. We also research the deed prior to preparation to make sure there are no inconsistencies or unknown claims that already exist.

Deed of Trust Preparation

In certain situations, a deed of trust is required to be issued to a neutral third party. We prepare these deeds of trust, and educate all parties involved to make sure everyone fully understands what this document is and why it is being issued.

Promissory Note Preparation

We prepare promissory notes for business entities and individuals for a number of reasons. This is an effective way to legalize the exchange of monetary goods or services that have created an obligation. Keeping things legal, regardless of personal relationship can be beneficial in protecting your interests, now and in the future.

Easement and Termination of Easement Agreements

As a property owner, there may be times when you want to grant someone else the right to use your property, but you do not want to transfer your ownership. This is called an easement agreement. We draft these limited, specific access agreements that will work to protect your interests, and also prepare termination of easement agreements when things have changed.

Vendor/Vendee Contracts

We work on your behalf to prepare vendor contracts or review any vendee contracts to make sure your rights and interests are protected.

There are a number of issues that can arise in all of these areas. Having a knowledgeable attorney on your side that understands the legalities of preparing thorough real estate documents is well worth the time and effort you will spend in establishing a lasting relationship. Our job is to make sure you understand every transaction, deed and detail in full prior to making any serious decisions. AEGómez, PC works on your behalf to keep you covered!