Wills & Estates

Putting your affairs in order for the future is always a good idea. Being prepared and leaving your family in a good position is smart and proactive. Don’t leave your family in confusion because you haven’t expressed your wishes. This can leave your assets vulnerable to reach the wrong hands. AEGómez, PC provides assistance for:


We will assess your assets and wishes to help draft a comprehensive will that can represent your interests in the event of an untimely death or in the event you become incapacitated.


We provide assistance in establishing a trust that will go into effect whenever you need it to. Trusts are a good way to protect your assets, making sure your wishes are granted and the people you wish to take care of are a priority.

General and Specific Power of Attorney

When putting things in order, having a designated power of attorney to carry out your wishes is important. We educate you on the process, and what you should look for when deciding who that person will be. We also arrange private meetings to assist in alerting this individual, giving them time to process and accept or deny this important job.

Living Will

A living will goes into effect when you are still alive but can no longer care for yourself or able to make or communicate decisions regarding your medical care. There is a lot of flexibility when preparing a living will. We carefully assess the elements and help you decide who will be the best person, and how much power they will have.

Advanced Medical Directive

An advanced medical directive is a lot like a living will, but it has certain stipulations attached, such as a physician certifying that you cannot make your own decisions. These directives vary by state and have a number of regulations attached to them. We help you with your advance directive, and periodically check with you to ensure all your wishes are still the same as of the time you first signed it.

AEGómez, PC is thorough and knowledgeable in the area of will and estates. For more information on how we can assist you in preparing for the future, contact Alex today!